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  • 100% natural
  • organic ingredients
  • vegan coconut oil
  • cold pressed
  • no artificial flavors
  • no preservatives

38 in stock (can be backordered)

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COCO SO GOOD! Experience the superior quality and aroma of our organic Coconut Oil from Thailand.

Our Coconuts, are sustainably harvested and immediately cold pressed to naturally extract the fresh, flavorful coconut oil. The light, clean flavor and aromatic coconut fragrance make it great as a soothing oil as a natural skin moisturizer, eye make-up remover, deep conditioning hair treatment or massage. The coconut oil as naturally a low 8 SPF for tanning.

Applying coconut oil to the head followed with a gentle massage helps in removing mental fatigue. It also acts as an effective moisturizer on all types of skins.

COCO SO GOOD! can also be used for cooking as a healthful addition to your cuisine. The purity and nutrient density of our Coconut Oil make it good for you both inside and out.

COCO SO GOOD! will remain liquid if room temperature is above 25 degrees and may ship to you in solid or liquid form. It is still safe to consume if it is liquid or solid.

Weight 125 g

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  1. laurent

    best product ever. Morgan B.

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