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"First class spa products to support the local economy of the island of Koh Samui”

Koh Samui Farmacy has been designed by a Frenchman passionate about healthy living and its organic products are backed by powerful science. 

It all started when Laurent SIMONET, an enthusiastic entrepreneur in niche hospitality, came to Thailand after a decade in Shanghai and decided to renovate his first residence in Koh Samui, Maremaan, with the intention of lowering the impact on nature. 

“Experimenting with solar energy, the recycling of rain water, banning single-use plastic was not enough. The next step was to research and develop a new cosmetic line to my guests, enriching their stay with first-class spa products and at the same time to encourage and develop the local economy of the island of Koh Samui”.

"Miraculous natural goodness with powerful skincare ingredients".

There were very few available healthy personal care products in Koh Samui that worked well. I wanted to create meaningful change for my guests. After many months of work with chemists, physicians, and microbiologists we perfected our unique formulation to design the first Koh Samui Farmacy line, a healthy skincare solution that delivers visible results, with simple and pure organic formulations that perform better than conventional cosmetic products.

Supercharged with aloe vera, Jojoba oil, natural antioxidants like apricot oil, vitamin-rich organic botanical juice, rather than PEGS/petroleum derivatives, we combined those miraculous natural goodness with powerful skincare ingredients to make Koh Samui Farmacy cosmetics safe and effective for your skin.

Our Values 

Koh Samui Farmacy is The Organic Solution to feed your skin.
100% natural plant-based cosmetics,
vegan, cruelty free, sustainable, supporting our local community.
These are the core values of the Koh Samui Farmacy brand.


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